Bridesmaids Proposal Brunch

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Hello lovelies! Today I’m writing to you from in between wedding planning appointments. Lately life has been consumed by our upcoming nuptials. Even though it is so much fun, it is also a lot of work and it can become very stressful.

I already had my first bridezilla moment 😦 and it’s something that so many warned me about. I have tried to keep it together for the most part, and I’ve done a good job (I think) I just got to relax myself and try not to get so stressed out about the small stuff.

One of the most important parts to get done early on is to choose your Bridal Party. So far this has been my favorite part! I really wanted to do something special for my girls besides the obvious gift boxes. First idea that came to mind was hosting lunch at a nice restaurant, but lets be real, Im on total budget mode here! So with the help of my mom we whipped up an awesome at home meal. It turned out ahhhhmazing, and most importantly the girls enjoyed it and thats what truly made me so happy!



IMG_4952.jpgIMG_4963For the boxes, I purchased the two bigger Maid of Honor ones from TJmax, and the the smaller bridesmaids ones I ordered online and picked up the next day from Target. Originally I was just going fill them up with petals because I didn’t think I would have the right amount of flowers to fill them up enough to make a statement, but the flowers I picked up that morning from my local wholesale flower shop where HUGE! I got lucky.


The cards I got from Etsy for under 10 dollars, and I printed them the same day I purchased them at Kinkos. For the Maid of Honor cards I used a gold little picture stand thing that i found at the dollar tree to hold them up!

These cute cards I used are from the Target dollar section! And Home Depot gracefully provided my color pallet (; thanks HD! My cutting skills totally suck, I know!

I hope you girls enjoyed this post and if you have any questions feel free to drop a comment or send me an email! xo



jewelry box

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