What to do After You get Engaged

He finally asked and you said… YES! First of all CONGRATULATIONS! This is the start of what will be one of the most important times in your life. If you are anything like me it’s taken you some time to process what just happened. I meeeeaaaaaan….. is this really even happening!? Pinch yourself, because it is! And believe me things will start moving quite fast. So with the help of my friends over at Wedding Paper Divas I’ve created a list of things you should do after he pops the question. Hopefully these tips will guide you in the right direction.


Yes that’s right, let the reality sink in, and enjoy it. A lot of months of work and preparation lie ahead, most weddings take about a year to plan so take this time to pamper yourself and let friends and family celebrate you and your new husband to be. One of the most exciting things you’ll get to do before all the wedding planning begins is the Engagement Party! So pop some bubbly and check out these amazing and unique ideas by WPD on how to put together the perfect Engagement Party!

2. Get use to saying the word Fiancé

Oh what!? Do you actually have to use this term now, what does “Fiancé” even mean?

The truth is calling him your fiancé right away is not going to happen naturally, it might even feel a little odd at first. I finally came to terms with the word about two months into my engagement, and now I try to use it as much as I possibly can. After all he’s not going to be your fiancé for too long! Use it!

3. Discuss Wedding Expectations

Once the initial shock of being engaged starts wearing off, its time to have an open conversation with your new hubby to be, about the kind of wedding you both would like. Will it be a small or big wedding? Hometown or destination? Answering some simple questions like these will really help you paint a picture of what your wedding might look like.

4. Set a Budget

By now you might of already discovered that what you thought was going to cost you maybe five thousand dollars is really gonna cost like 25k! Setting a budget is a great way to stay on track. Discuss what parts of the wedding you are willing to splurge on and see in what areas you can save money. Every decision you make moving forward should be made with your budget in mind.

5. Set a Date

Even a vague date is ok. This could be a certain month, season, or maybe years later. But setting some kind of time frame will help you determine the next steps.

6. Book your Venue

Unless you are planning on a super long engagement, the first thing you should do after discussing expectations, budget, and a potential date is to find a venue and find it fast! Believe me finding the perfect venue is not a task for the faint of heart! Specially if your planning a ceremony and a reception that will take place in two different locations! Making sure the church you want, and the venue you fall in love with, will both be available the same day can be such a hassle! Most venues and Churches advise that you book at least one year in advance.

7. Get Organized

Besides the Venue you will be dealing with many different vendors. You will be looking at flowers, dresses, cakes and everything in between so you want to make sure you stay on top of everything. There are many wedding planning books out there that can help you keep organized.

8. Choose your Bridal Party

Determine the size of your wedding party and choose your team wisely!

9. Get Inspired

Whether it’s by wedding magazines, or inspiration boards online, now is the time to let your creativity flow! Find out what colors you want, and what theme you will be going for.

10. Save the Date!

Once you get your feet wet and things begin to slowly come together, it is time to tell everyone that you will soon be getting married! Sending out your Save the Dates and sharing them with the world has got to be the most exciting part of wedding planning. Click here to browse through the amazing options Wedding Paper Divas has to offer for your perfect Save The Dates! They have everything from postcards to magnets, and the best thing is they fit anyone’s budget!

Happy Wedding Planning!


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