My New York Engagement Story

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Happy Monday loves! So it’s taken almost two whole months, but I am finally ready to share a little bit of my engagement story! It’s been a crazy time In my life and I’ve never felt more grateful and happy with life as I am now.

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As you probably already know my engagement took place during our trip to New York City. I HAD NO IDEA! I always joke around with Dennis about how he can never surprise me since I always find everything out! Seriously, nothing gets past me!

I didn’t suspect anything until the morning of. I’m all about vibes, and that morning the vibe was Him proposing never crossed my mind but I noticed he was awfully quiet. I especially noticed when we got to Top of the Rock. I was so in awe of everything and he didn’t seem impressed.

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I remember thinking “maybe he is just sick of taking my picture”, lol. I kept trying to figure it out without asking him. After the Rockfeller Center, we took an Uber to Central Park. One of the many things I was looking forward to in New York was being able to experience a real Autumn, and what better place to do just that than Central Park. It was absolutely magical.
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He kept walking around like a chicken with his head cut off, like he was looking for something, but at the time i didn’t notice.  I was to busy playing with the leaves and just taking it all in! I felt so in love with life in that moment, I was beyond happy!

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He finally had me sit down on this huge rock on top of a hill so he could take “pictures”. The GoPro was really on Video mode, and without me knowing he began asking me random questions. And naturally, without thinking twice I started answering them.

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Before I knew it he let go of the camera and walked towards me with a box.

He dropped down to one knee opened the box and my mind went blank, and 100 mph at the same time. I had imagined and played out this moment a million times in my head for as long as a I can remember. I had cried of joy and celebrated for so many of my friends when they had their engagements. And there I was in MY very own special moment. At the most perfect time in my life, in the most perfect place, getting engaged to the most perfect man.

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After being in complete shock, I then realized what was going on and the waterworks began. He confessed to me that he actually had no plan, and was just waiting for the perfect moment. He was so nervous! 

Its crazy to think that for a very long time in my life I honestly thought that love was not for me. Any dream of meeting Prince Charming had been shut down a long, long time ago. In my mind Romance was a thing you only read about.

I was SOOOOO wrong!!!!!!!!

I know in my heart and my soul that we where destined to be together. No relationship is ever perfect, but this guy brings such a deep happiness to my life that even writing this is making me cry happy tears. I have never been more at peace than when I am with him. He is everything I have ever wanted in a man plus 10 times more. I am one lucky girl, and I am forever grateful to have found him.

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Processed with VSCO with c3 preset Life is so sweet, all I can ask for now is that God continues to bless our love. I am anxious to start planning our wedding, and can not wait to see what the future has in store for us!
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2 thoughts on “My New York Engagement Story

  1. gypsymims says:

    GIRL! Reading this made me so happy! Definitely it was like a fairytale ❤ I wish you guys the best and a lot of blessings! I love seeing how faithful God is!

    Sending a big hug!!



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